PA Firefighter Disgraces the Profession

A former “Firefighter of the Year” in Coatesville PA has been arrested on arson charges according to

Robert F. Tracey Jr is the alleged perp. Arsonists are among the most sick and dangerous persons in our society. If this guy is convicted I pray he does hard time for many years. If he is guilty he not only shamed his family and community but his fellow firefighters as well.


  • Dave Egbert says:

    Mike,Really disgraceful that someone like him would put his brothers and sisters intentionally in harms way like that. This sort of stuff really embarrasses us all. I know here in Big Sur, I work hard to be more than just another firefighter, but take it serious when I think people are looking for someone to be an example to the community.

  • Daisy says:

    The Coatsville situation has been an ongoing nightmare for months. This FF is the third person caught for these fires, and I do believe their are more.Thoughts and prayers to the FF’s who had to deal with sub-freezing temps all winter long battling these blazes. I’m just glad nobody got hurt.Nice blog, btw.

  • bigsurkate says:

    Mike, what do you hear about 1000 ac. fire in AZ calling for evacuations? I’ll check back on your blog later today.