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PA Firefighter Disgraces the Profession

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A former “Firefighter of the Year” in Coatesville PA has been arrested on arson charges according to Robert F. Tracey Jr is the alleged perp. Arsonists are among the most sick and dangerous persons in our society. If this guy is convicted I pray he does hard time for many years. If he is […]

Three Oakland Police Officers Killed Today

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Oakland Police Department lost three sergeants today in two separate (but related) gun battles. The Oakland Tribune has details of the tragedy here. The three slain sergeants have been identified as Erv Romans, Dan Sakai and Mark Dunakin. A fourth officer was shot and is in critical condition. The fourth officer is John Hege, age […]

Is This A Joke?

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If this is real I will not sign and I know very few who will. [youtube=] UPDATE: Apparently it is not a joke. As a matter of fact the movement is loosely called the “Obama Revolution”, something I’m not sure is necessary at all.Read about the less than stellar response the kids got here.

Congressional Contract Busting

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Congress threw a tantrum today and sidestepped the Constitution in their zeal to punish TARP recipient AIG. The object of their affections centered on AIG employee retention bonuses. Executive bonuses for a few top personnel in the company came to light in recent days. Once the issue became front page news the President teleprompted to […]

My Email Was Compromised By Chinese Hackers

My personal email was hacked and the criminals who subverted my account represent a Chinese based company named —Beijing GLOBSEASON International Trade Co., LTD.–Their hackers entered my GMAIL account somehow and deleted all my contacts after sending everyone on my contact list an advertisement for their business. Even more amazing they reset my email signature […]

Victoria Fires: Satellite Imagery of Affected Towns

The bushfires in Victoria State have subsided and homeowners are already rebuilding. Twitterer Bushfires points to these satellite images of the towns of Marysville, Kinglake, Kinglake West, Churchill, Flowerdale, Murrindindi and Callingee taken 5 weeks after Black Saturday.

Tent Towns, First Responders Can/Should Help

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UPDATE: March 25, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up county fairgrounds to tent city dwellers! —————————————-As more Tent Towns, or homeless encampments spring up the greater society will have to pitch in to help our less fortunate neighbors. The term Shanty Town originated during the Great Depression when unemployed had nowhere else to live. The article […]


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My youngest had it first, then oldest with the stomach variety. I got it and it sucks. I did get the Flu shot back in October but we all know that is a 50/50 proposition. I get the shot every year but fortunately I have been Flu free for 10 years or more. Saturday morning […]

Fast Moving Fires Burn Numerous Homes In Texas

News from the Chron that fire has claimed up to a dozen homes in drought stricken Texas. Follow Twitter Search and Google News or InciWeb for updates. Fire season never really ends. The Interagency Fire Center reports the 2009 year to date totals in the U.S. is 3,140 wildfires and 80,617 acres burned. Over 5,200,000 […]