Deaths From Aussie Fires May Reach 230

Shocking numbers from The Australian. As Firefighters enter burned out areas they are cautioned against what may turn out to be an unprecedented loss of life by fire.

Flickr images from Vic Fires here.

Google Map of fire areas and EMS links here.

Update: Deaths from bushfires now at 166 says The Australian.


  • mb in Port Angeles says:

    This is really terrible. So many dead.

  • Mike says:

    I finally got around to converting hectares to acres.330,000 hectares = 815,000 acres.Almost 4 times the Basin Complex. Imagine that.

  • bigsurkate says:

    Oh, Mike. I have been following this on and off all day. The stories, the videos, the first person accounts are horrifying. One of the things I am reminded, is that while we suffered some loss of life in California during the 2008 fire season, it was NOTHING compared to the horror being visited in Australia.