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Firefighter is Victim 200 In Oz Bushfires

Firefighter David Balfour was killed by a falling tree near burned out Marysville yesterday. Firefighter Balfour was a member of the ACT Fire Brigade on assignment from neighboring Canberra. Story here and supporting video, here.

Storm Watch: Big Sur Burn Areas On Alert

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Residents on the Big Sur Coast and parts of Santa Cruz County brace for the effects of heavier than normal seasonal rains. Mud, land, rock slides and downed trees are a big danger in fresh burn areas. Big Sur Kate keeps watch with generous updates including links that include the incredible image below. The Basin […]

Say A Prayer For SFFD Firefighter Christopher Posey

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Firefighter Christopher Posey is in critical but stable condition at San Francisco General Hospital after suffering injuries battling a fire of suspicious origin in the city’s South side. Six firefighters were injured in the fire when the roof collapsed. FireRescue1 and California Fire News provide additional coverage. IAFF link to story. Firefighter Posey support group […]

"This was just so far off the scale of anything"

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The tragic story of Marysville, Victoria State, Australia as fire struck the town. This is a chilling story. Image Weekly Times Now

Greens Planted Seeds For "Perfect Storm" Fire Scenario in Victoria State

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The Australian reports many local townships and homeowners failed to heed warnings concerning defensible space. Despite pleas from local bushfire experts area “greens” designed new housing developments with complete disregard for fire. In fact in some cases homeowners were required to plant trees and vegetation close to their homes. Their guidance was “trees being the […]

Map Of Victoria Fires

Mashable points us to a Google Maps workup of the Victoria Fires. Click here for the code.

Deaths From Aussie Fires May Reach 230

Shocking numbers from The Australian. As Firefighters enter burned out areas they are cautioned against what may turn out to be an unprecedented loss of life by fire. Flickr images from Vic Fires here. Google Map of fire areas and EMS links here. Update: Deaths from bushfires now at 166 says The Australian.

Death Toll Approaches 100 In Australia Wildfires

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The death toll from bushfires in Victoria State have eclipsed all time National marks as authorities find more victims. Four children are among the dead. As well more than 700 homes and likely as many outbuildings have burned. Thousands of livestock have been overrun devastating the lively hood of many ranchers in the region. NZ […]

Australia Bushfire Deathtoll At 14 "Worst Day Ever"

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South Australia bushfires have killed 14 people so far in what Victoria Premiere John Brumby describes as “Our worst day in history”. Video from Victoria State visually describes the destruction as record temperatures combined with strong dry winds fan flames. The CFA has issued severe alerts for no less that a dozen towns in the […]

Hundreds Line Up For 35 Firefighter Jobs In Miami

This news item was posted this morning on Drudge as a sign of the times event. The truth is there is always big interest whenever a city hires firefighters. When I was 21 years old I stood in line for hours with hundreds of others for a shot at working for the San Jose Fire […]