Kentucky's Katrina?

Ice storms have killed dozens and tens of thousands are stranded in shelters or huddled in homes in Kentucky. The weather phenomenon has caused power outages to hundreds of thousands of homes in Kentucky and neighboring states.

The Star Tribune reports, “Thousands of people in ice-caked Kentucky awoke in motels and shelters, asked to leave their homes by authorities who said emergency teams in some areas were too strapped to reach everyone in need of food, water and warmth………..”

“………About 536,000 homes and businesses across Kentucky were without power, down from more than 600,000, the largest outage in state history.”

According to the media reports FEMA is nowhere to be found in some areas and local authorities in some townships have not fully accounted for all residents.

The Associated Press quotes the Grayson County Kentucky EMS Director; “National Guardsmen who have responded have no chain saws to clear fallen trees, and FEMA was still a no-show days after the storm.”

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear says many residents that chose to stay in their homes are doing so in part because they don’t want to leave their pets. Lack of clean drinking water and food may force them from their homes but are there adequate shelter facilities for them to flee to?

This is where the Federal and State government have to step in. Remember the day after Katrina how the press were quick to blame the Federal government for the slow response. I’m wondering where the media is now with their complaints on this response. The President has been on National TV three times in the past 24 hours but he has not mentioned Kentucky once.

According to the FEMA website the president did sign an emergency declaration for parts of Arkansas on January 29. This from a storm on January 26. Red state Kentucky is definitely not front and center in his mind.

It’s nice to see the Red Cross on the scene.

UPDATE: Others are watching!
Michelle Malkin posts a letter from Paducah. No Shep Smith, no Big 3 anchors, not even CNN.


  • Engine Co 48 Mechanic says:

    “FYI……….. NO RIOTING DOWN HERE!!!! Nope, no stores getting looted, gas lines are 2 hours long, stores are running out of things, but no one is acting like a savage and looting stores and shops. They are peacefully coexisting. Anyone see what the difference is here????”I see the difference, it’s because ice storms aren’t that big a deal (I “survived” several growing up in Georgia and Ohio).Notice there are no death mentioned anywhere in the original post. In short, our grouchy right-wing firedude is trying to make a little political hay comparing apples and oranges.Sorry, no sale.

  • Mike says:

    God Bless Kentucky! Thank you for the comment Cpdcoppurr.

  • Cpdcoppurr says:

    It is bitter cold in Kentucky. And I am bitter about what our great elected Wizard of Obama has NOT done for this great Commonwealth……… Thousands upon thousands have been without power in freezing cold temperatures for over a week now……. And the only thing he could muster up was a phone call to the Governor……Well that’s nice, I wonder if he made that phone call why he was eating $100 a pound Kobe beef at the 75 degree White House party he was throwing…… Sounds like Marie Antoinette “Let Them Eat Cake”. So much for being a humble man from humble beginnings. He is no better then any other politician. Especially out of CHICAGO!!!! Do as I say not as I do.Kentuckian’s are a hardy bunch. They stick together, they rarely whine or complain…..They suck it up and get the job done… No matter what job it is. Friends and family who had power, helped out other’s who didn’t. People are heating by wood stove and cooking on open fires for their meals. They took care of their animals first, cows, horses etc… Their humanity and spirit is quite amazing.We were out of power for quite awhile. Blew the water heater when the surge of electricity blew out all the electric in our area. This is rural country, no city water coming into your home. Just well water or cistern’s. If the electricity goes out, so do your pumps to your toilets and sinks. So you tie a rope to a bucket and have clean water. FREEZING clean water, but water none the less. But we have sucked it up thus far. I want to know where is the outcry from Hollywood??? Where is the outcry from the media??? Not one damn major news channel covering this sent a reporter to cover it……… It seems since this is a red state, and most are law abiding tax paying, white citizens we don’t count…… See a little reverse racisim here??? Katrina was a catastrophe, but one that was predicted far in advance, where people had the option to leave. Their mayor screwed up big time, and never sent the busses in, and people refused to leave….. This is the same kind of disaster here in Kentucky, but it hit WITHOUT warning…….. It is the whole damn state!! Governor Beshear, explained this was the worst natural disaster to hit Kentucky……You don’t see people sitting on their roof’s with SAVE ME signs in their hands. Well if they did no one would see them, there are no helicopters flying over head, no news media, NADA, ZERO, ZIP……. They are doing it with out Obama’s help. Kentuckian’s are not calling themselves “VICTIMS”, they are calling themselves “survivor’s”. As was the opposite of Katrina.Where is the flyover from Air Force One? Where is Obama touching down and touring the devastation? Where is the Fema relief, Obama said he sent it, where is it?? Free hotel rooms, Warming shelters, trailers left over from Katrina for people who have no where to go? Bush did that and more………Obama was at his Super Bowl Party that’s why no flyover or him touching down…. The only touch down he was watching were the ones on TV. If you get enough people screaming RACIST in Kentucky you might get some help down here. I think Mike Myers should stand next to Kanye West on TV and say President Obama hates white people!!!!! Where is Shawn Penn, he was handing out hot cocoa to Katrina people, we need the hot cocoa Mr. Penn we could sure use it in this freezing cold, oh right, this is a Republican State. You don’t swing that way with your generosity you swing to the left only!!! Mr. Demille I am ready for my close up!!!!! Humanity should not be doled out because of party lines. If you call yourself a damn humanitarian you minister your humanitarian ways to ALL the people. Where are all those generous bleeding heart do-gooder’s from Hollywood right now??? Are they going to give free benefit concerts to help the survivors???? You know, something maybe called “ICE AID”.If this was President Bush at the helm right now, he would be sliced diced and filleted faster then you can say KFC……. But the liberal starry eyed media won’t dare criticize the Messiah……… Governor Beshear a Dem, is PRAISING Obamanation. For what????? He hasn’t done a darn thing. Sticking to party lines yet again, while his Commonwealth is in a frozen tundra and people are freezing to death. So when will The Wizard show up here in Kentucky to reassure this state that things are progressing and he has help in and sending more help??? When will he come out in the news about this other then a one sentence thing??? Maybe when it is warmer for his oh so delicate body. I have to say, the out pouring from neighbors, strangers and other states has been incredible. And we thank you!!!!! American’s pulling together to help makes your eyes well up with PRIDE. I am not an original country girl. Born and raised in NYC and then to Chicago serving as a Chicago Police Officer until retirement. Moving here to the country has been a wonderful learning experience. My silver lining has been learning what country folk do to survive . Kentuckian’s should be commended for their humanity, their true sense of community and helping EVERYONE, not picking and choosing. Their common sense, and grace underfire. They are a resilient bunch and will come through this. No thanks to the Anointed One. But, come summer, we will talk about this on our back porches, sipping sweet tea, overlooking the horse pastures and say, ” We don’t need no stinking Obama’s, all we need is each other”. Not another “fo mo year’s”FYI……….. NO RIOTING DOWN HERE!!!! Nope, no stores getting looted, gas lines are 2 hours long, stores are running out of things, but no one is acting like a savage and looting stores and shops. They are peacefully coexisting. Anyone see what the difference is here???? BUELLER??? BUELLER???? Anyone?????????

  • kshirley says:

    These ice storms seem so “unreal”…yet we keep having them…is this a new weather pattern?It just seems there is a lot of silent suffering going on due to this cold.

  • Mike says:

    Grow up and look around.

  • Anonymous says:

    Typical Republican bullshit.