California Drought Concerns

The Wall Street Journal has a nice summary of the water concerns facing the Golden State including potential water rationing in some municipalities.

I look at drought from the point of view, no rain equals dry grass and low fuel moisture. Less rain means more downed and dead vegetation. If this pattern sticks this will be another dangerous year for wildland firefighters.

I’d like to listen in on some of the Cal Fire 2009 strategy meetings. A continuing drought combined with budget cuts offer a tough challenge.

Update; Bolinas almost out of water, hills brown, almost like August!


  • Mike says:

    I would not argue with that prediction Josh. last year place the bar pretty high. I hope we don’t see a similar year.We took a family ride towards North Fork a couple of weeks ago and the oaks look sick. As a matter of fact much of the grass was still brown. Frankly the oak woodlands look a bit unhealthy. I have never seen as much dead wood (fuel)in decades of observation.

  • Josh says:

    Can I be the first to say “It’s gonna be the worst fire season ever!” It always comes down to “too little rain and everything is dry” or “too much rain and everything is overgrown.” California firefighters will get the cards dealt to us and we’ll adapt/overcome the obstacles and when I’m/we’re a salty veteran we’ll get to say remember when…