Twitter as Emergency Communication Platform

Last week I mentioned I’d be leaning on Twitter as the 2009 wildfire season unfolds.

I have spent the past two days playing around on the platform. I opened a new account unrelated to firefighting and in less than 48 hours I have 24 “followers” in this new community.

Update: As of January 26 my new account has 215 followers and the account attached to this blog has 218.

Simple Twitter community building formula;

  • Think of any niche or subject and open an account
  • Post a few lines with your subject keywords
  • Search within Twitter for others that share your interest
  • Search lists of followers of your subject
  • Follower others in your niche or subject
  • Update frequently, take an interest in other in your community

Twitter updates can be texted straight to an account and the “tweet” is indexed in Twitter Search instantly.

FEMA, OES, and other government agencies understand the power of Twitter. These tech-stodgy offices are usually last to catch a wave. They are out front here.

UPDATE: Twitter ablaze with U.S Airways Hudson River plane crash updates;

*Information Week reports “Within minutes there were hundreds of Tweets about the crash, complete with pictures from eyewitnesses and even one person who was on a NYC ferry headed to the crash site to pick up passengers.”