Grim Realities, 114 On-Duty Firefighter Deaths in 2008

The U.S. Fire Administration announces there were 114 LODD (line of duty) firefighter deaths in the U.S. in 2008.

Details are provided by the OH&S here.

Twenty six wildland firefighters died in 2008, more than double the 11 wildland firefighters that died in 2007.

Nine died when their Sikorsky helicopter went down in the Trinity Alps near Junction City California in early August.

The following young firefighters and pilots died in the aircraft.

Shawn Blazer, 30 Medford, Ore.
Scott Charleson, 25 Phoenix, Ore.
Matthew Hammer, 23 from Grants Pass, Ore.
Edrik Gomez, 19, Ashland, Ore.
Steven Renno, 21, Cave Junction, Ore
Bryan Rich, 29, Medford, Ore.
David Steele, 19, Ashland, Ore.
Jim Ramage, Redding, Ca
Roark Schwanenburg, Lostine, Ore
Grayback Forestry


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