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Kentucky's Katrina?

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Ice storms have killed dozens and tens of thousands are stranded in shelters or huddled in homes in Kentucky. The weather phenomenon has caused power outages to hundreds of thousands of homes in Kentucky and neighboring states. The Star Tribune reports, “Thousands of people in ice-caked Kentucky awoke in motels and shelters, asked to leave […]

San Diego Utility Suing Burned Out Homeowners

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San Diego Gas and Electric is going after homeowners that may have disregarded defensible space standards during the 2007 fire season. The complaints were filed in response to class action lawsuits filed against them. According to San Diego Online SDG&E has filed cross complaints against homeowners, local municipalities and even fire agencies in response to […]

Cal Fire Promo Video

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Cal Fire promotional video. I have to admit I felt a true sense of pride watching this 90 seconds of excitement. I like the choice of music, it reminds me of a track from the movie “Gladiator”! [youtube=]

California Drought Concerns

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Drought Monitor The Wall Street Journal has a nice summary of the water concerns facing the Golden State including potential water rationing in some municipalities. I look at drought from the point of view, no rain equals dry grass and low fuel moisture. Less rain means more downed and dead vegetation. If this pattern sticks […]

Twitter as Emergency Communication Platform

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Last week I mentioned I’d be leaning on Twitter as the 2009 wildfire season unfolds. I have spent the past two days playing around on the platform. I opened a new account unrelated to firefighting and in less than 48 hours I have 24 “followers” in this new community. Update: As of January 26 my […]

Bloggers As Journalists

I make no such claim but the result of this lawsuit may vault me into this classification. Who knows I might be looking for a roving “correspondent” in time. There are many stories unreported from behind the fire lines.

Grim Realities, 114 On-Duty Firefighter Deaths in 2008

The U.S. Fire Administration announces there were 114 LODD (line of duty) firefighter deaths in the U.S. in 2008. Details are provided by the OH&S here. Twenty six wildland firefighters died in 2008, more than double the 11 wildland firefighters that died in 2007. Nine died when their Sikorsky helicopter went down in the Trinity […]

Colorado Wildfires, 11,000 Evacuated? Huh?

I’ll refer readers to Reuters and Google News regarding the Boulder area fires.January wildfires in Colorado. Almost as unexpected as wildfire on the Big Sur Coast in December or even April. This is Australia’s season in the wildfire sun, not the Rocky Mountain region. I have been using Twitter (link fixed) more often lately. As […]

H5N1 Bird Flu Virus Claims 19 Year Old In Beijing

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H5N1 Avian Flu is simmering in parts of the World. Are inhabitants in the Western Hemisphere concerned? Should we be? With the expected role of first responders in mind it is important to stay up to date on this potential pandemic. Today from Reuters we read of a young and otherwise healthy woman that died […]

D.C. First Responders Gear Up For Mall Party

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The District of Columbia is gearing up for an unprecidented crowd control event, the inauguration of the new president. The Washington Post details some areas of concerns for security and medical response teams including the good folks at DCFD. “The threats aren’t limited to violence or terrorism: Freezing or rainy weather could send people fleeing […]