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2008 California Fire Season Ends Where It Began

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Just as I offered the 2008 California wildfire “season”¬† closed, ¬†friend of Firefighter Blog Big Sur Kate reported a 10 acre fire on her coast. This is surely the final punctuation mark on the most destructive wildfire season in California history. The season began with a small roadside blaze in Big Sur on April 17 […]

Finally, 2008 Fire Season Over!

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Chill Map Stop the presses: Update! Challenging everything I thought I knew about wildfire in California Big Sur Kate reports a 10 acre wildfire on her coast!

Cal Fire's Contribution To Budget Crisis, 160 Seasonal Firefighters

Making the point that the department is basically immune from the state budget crisis Cal Fire offered up some modest cuts by laying off seasonal firefighters in Riverside County. The Press Enterprise ( offers up particulars that include the shuddering of seasonal stations. Seasonal firefighters used to be hired in May and released in September. […]

Australia's Fire Season Heating Up

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As you can see from this up to the minute fire mapping tool from NASA the Aussie fire season is underway. Early in the season we see wildfires, or bushfires affecting the Continent from Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory. In a mater of weeks the more populated southern states of New South Wales […]

California Facing "Financial Armageddon"

A few thoughts on how the state budget shortfall relates to firefighting, fire resource budgets, equipment and staffing. An overview of the looming budget crisis can be read here in the also failing Los Angeles Times. If you work for or have ever worked for a state or county government you come to expect the […]

Wilderness Society Controlled Burns Education Program

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The Wilderness Society is kicking off an educational campaign aimed at increasing support and funds for the Forest Service to conduct more control burns. The Wilderness Society states “Controlled burns protect people and property, restore forests and save taxpayer dollars”. The effort is concentrated initially on the Mendocino National Forest with plans to expand to […]

Telegraph Fire, Responsible Party Sentenced

David Mosher was target shooting along the banks of the Merced River last July when a bullet ricochet ignited tinder dry brush. Mosher reported the blaze that eventually claimed more than 40 homes and other buildings, burned more than 40,000 acres and injured 15 firefighters. Mosher was sentenced to 60 hours of community service according […]