Freeway Complex Fire Mop Up

Twenty four thousand evacuees are heading home as firefighters put final touches on the 20,000 plus acre Santa Ana winds fire event.

The 3,600 firefighters summoned to the scene will take advantage of today’s calm winds and (somewhat) milder temperatures to douse hot spots and patrol for wayward flames.

Officially 23,700 acres have burned between Corona and Diamond Bar in Orange County. Sixty homes have been destroyed and one hundred homes were damaged. One commercial building was destroyed.

Fire officials estimate the fire is 20% contained but certainly that number is much higher.

A couple being interviewed on CNBC standing in front of their multi-million dollar view home in Yorba Linda told the reporter they were in contact with their insurance agent. They explained how they just got a check for $1,000 from the Red Cross.

I wonder if they know their insurance company provides temporary relocation allowances in the form of a cash advance against their losses.

Photo sent by commenter via Flickr.



  • Mike says:

    Irony noted. Hard to believe someone standing on their (insured) million $ view lot could have the gall to say they lined up for Red Cross money.That couple had the look of of people who could drop a grand on a night out with friends.No shame.

  • scuvip says:

    I guess the Red Cross knows upon which side its bread is buttered.Has anyone seen them giving away $1,000 checks to the residents whose $100,000 (+ -) mobile homes were destroyed?

  • Mike says:

    Thank you Mike.

  • Mike D. says:

    The Freeway Complex nee Triangle Complex nee Freeway Fire consists of the Freeway and Landfill Fires which burned together as Bob Blogger pointed out. This morning’s update put the acreage at 28,889 acres. Damage assessment (so far) lists: Anaheim – 31 residences destroyed, 44 damaged; Yorba Linda – 113 residences destroyed, 50 damaged; Corona – 8 residences destroyed, 9 damaged; Brea – 3 residences destroyed, 1 damaged.