Heroic Act, Notes & Observations

A TV reporter interviewing two firefighters from either LAFD or LA County asked them awkwardly if their efforts to save the Oak Ridge Mobile Home Park was a “major” disappointment.

Firefighter Hahn (sp) responded bluntly, no, the effort was remarkable. Firefighter Hahn told the reporter that just as his engine company was ordered to leave the scene for safety reasons they checked one last home for civilians. Hahn and his partner discovered a couple in their nineties that had just awakened and had no idea the danger they were in. The two firefighters scooped the couple up and placed them in their fire engine and drove them out.

According to Hahn visibility was near zero. Keep in mind too that the winds were blowing over 50 mile per hour with burning embers blowing about.

Similar acts of bravery are being reported as information gets out.

*Tanker 910 made an appearance over the Corona Fire in Orange County. Local news followed the giant supertanker as it dropped its 12,000 gallon load. Unfortunately the bulk of the load dispersed before reaching the ground. Winds at the time were being clocked at gusts over 50mph. I’m surprised they were summoned in such wind.

Firefighters on the ground in Yorba Linda are chasing the fire as it hop scotches over gold courses, canyons and housing developments due to long range spotting. An exact count of homes involved is impossible at this point but by my count more than 20 homes have burned.