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Firefighter Saves Pup

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This image was shot by Andrew Lamberson of the Daily Nebraskan. Fire Captain Scott Thompson of Lincoln Nebraska pulled the family pet from a burning home on November 12. The image is featured on MSNBC Photos of the week where viewers are invited to vote for favorite images. Andrew’s image is the current vote leader […]

What Became Of "Lil" Smokey?

You will recall the real life Smokey Bear story from earlier this summer. The injured and orphaned little bear cub was taken to the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care center after he was found by firefighter Adam Deem during the Moon Fire in mid July. Smokey is still under the care of the LTWC and has […]

Socal Firestorm Losses Tallied

Firestorm numbers: 934 Homes Destroyed 42,000 Acres Burned, 21 Firefighters Injured $25 Mil. Suppression Costs The Freeway Complex Location: Orange County communities of Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim and Corona in Riverside County. Start Date November 15, 2008 at 9:00 am.29,000 Acres155 homes destroyed104 homes damaged9 firefighters injured11 Million dollars in fire suppression costs (to […]

Freeway Complex Fire Mop Up

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Twenty four thousand evacuees are heading home as firefighters put final touches on the 20,000 plus acre Santa Ana winds fire event. The 3,600 firefighters summoned to the scene will take advantage of today’s calm winds and (somewhat) milder temperatures to douse hot spots and patrol for wayward flames. Officially 23,700 acres have burned between […]

Fires Name Game, Freeway or Triangle Fire

The Incident 209 filed this morning at 11:00 am calls the Orange County wildfires the “Freeway Complex” Fire particulars: Latitude and LongitudeLat: 33° 52´ 22″ Long: 117° 44´ 20″Ownership: CA-ORC Acreage: 10,470Start Date: 11/15/2008 0905hrs. The Incident 209 filed at 0700hrs this morning calls the Orange County wildfire the “Triangle Fire” Fire particularsLatitude and LongitudeLat: […]

The Battle For Hollydale Mobilehome Estates 11/15/08

The Hollydale Mobilehome Estates community was spared destruction by fast moving flames in Carbon Canyon last night. At approximately 2200 hours CBS2 helicopter pilot/reporter Larry Welk showed an overhead shot of a massive flame front racing uphill towards the mobile home park (map below). Welk, a veteran fire reporter prepped viewers for a potentially tragic […]

Socal Fires Satellite Image, Sayre and Freeway Fires

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Satellite imagery from NASA AERONET This image is from yesterday November 15.

Sayre Fire Update; 613 Homes Confirmed Lost

The midday incident report filed at noon today reported 613 homes and 10 commercial buildings were destroyed in the first 12 hours of the Sayre Fire. Facts and Concerns; 1,400 firefighters are assigned to the Sayre FireOne firefighter injured with chest pains, one civilian injured. Major problems and concerns (control problems, social/political/economic concerns or impacts, […]

Freeway Complex Fire Maps

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A reader forward the link to the map below from of the USFS. Contrast the image with the MODIS and CONUS KML detections on Google Earth below. The FireImaging software is much more detailed. MODIS & CONUS KML via Google Earth Detection(Click images to enlarge)

Freeway Complex Fire Burns West Towards Ocean

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The headline is a bit sensational but this is not an ordinary Santa Ana Wind event. The fire is spooking even veteran news reporters. Homes begin to burn miles apart forcing reporters to wonder if these are spot fires or new starts. Hot spots include Yorba Linda and parts of Brea though no structures are […]

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