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Lockdown Society, A Preview

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How do you stop the Pentagon from informing the citizenry? You follow the formula the two Congressmen in this article concocted. “The FCC has sent letters to some of the nation’s most prominent military analysts — some of them pro-President Bush and pro-war — suggesting they may have broken the law when they appeared on […]

Aussie Dog Protects Kittens From House Fire

Melbourne Australia: Firefighters found Leo the dog guarding four kittens as the family home burned in Seddon. “Leo wouldn’t leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life,” fire service Commander Ken Brown told reporters. The family of four escaped from the burning house and were unharmed. See the video here *Herald Sun “Stoically […]

Personal Rant & General Observations

Someone smashed into one of our cars, the one we keep on the street. We don’t know who that someone is because the perp did not leave a note. Geico Insurance has been a help. We met the claims agent at a bodyshop downtown and left the car. We owe the $500 deductible and Geico […]

Chalk Peak Fire Threat Looms Over Big Sur Monastery

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The Chalk Fire that has burned over 16,000 acres between the Plaskett and Eselan on the south Big Sur Coast. Smack in the path is the Camaldoli Hermitage. The Hermitage is home to 25 monks who live peacefully on the property 1,300 feet above the ocean. The Hermitage has burned once in its 47 year […]

Survival Blog, I've Bookmarked It

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I have added Survival Blog to my bookmarks and blog sidebar. Not that I think the end of the world is coming but because the content offers interesting perspective. I’m not a big gun guy, I have one in case a deranged type tries to enter my house and harm my wife or kids, but […]

Big Sur Artist, Big Sur Kate

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I’ve covered the Chalk Fire but mostly by following the continuous updates by Kate in Big Sur on her blog. Photo by Big Sur Kate; posted with permission The image above offers a look at a rare phenomenon. A low ceiling fog is hugging the Big Sur coast with smoke from the Chalk Peak Fire […]

I am Joe The Plumber

Well actually I was Mike the assistant plumber at one point in my sophomore year of high school. The neighbor two doors down was a plumbing contractor and I asked him if he needed a helper. For a few months the job dominated my weekends and some afternoons. It was a fun job for a […]

Chalk Fire Won't Die

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The Chalk Fire burning in the south Big Sur region has reignited. Unseasonably warm weather has stoked the once dead fire forcing area residents to wonder if the wildfire assaults on Big Sur will ever end. Friend of Firefighter Blog Big Sur Kate lives just south of the Chalk Fire scene and captured the image […]

Wind Event Over, SoCal Fires Spread Stops

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Firefighters assembled from all parts of the State will turn their attention to mop up activities now that the Santa Ana winds have abated. High winds forecast for today never materialized giving fire crews a chance to come off the high alert they’ve worked under for the past 48 hours. Some hot spots are still […]

SoCal Fires; Four Counties Battling Flames

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The Marek Fire is burning in Los Angeles County and has already burned dozens of homes and claimed one life. The Sesnon Fire originally started in L.A. County on Oat Mountain and has since crossed into Ventura County. The Sesnon has burned more than two dozen homes. The Juliet Fire is burning out of control […]

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