2 + 2 Doesn't Always Equal 4

It’s windy here in California’s central valley this evening and while I was out doing family taxi duty I saw a heavy air tanker boring into a headwind as it took off from Fresno Air Base. It has to be responding to a fire and the only fire of any significance burning in this part of the State is the Hidden Fire burning in the Sequoia National Forest. The tanker was moving north, not towards the big trees.

So I cruised over to Wildland Fire to see if something was brewing up north. Nothing.

Wind + Air tankers = Fire, but not tonight. That’s nice. The guys and gals who worked through June, July and most of August deserve this extended break.

No major fires means little activity on the blog and that’s fine. Outside of the blog I take care of two teenage boys, study and invest in stocks and lately follow political blogs. With one kid headed to college next year I need to stay alert for those stock market opportunities that can beef up the college fund accounts.

Our high school senior found a university in Arizona that caters to the computer minded. Apparently computer (network) security is a rapidly growing field and people like the NSA, FBI and private industry need trained bodies. He already has his Cisco CCNA 1&2 and loves sitting at a computer for hours on end.

Between tuition and housing total costs will run well over 100k. Considering what the industry pays those fees could look cheap after a few years of work in the field.
Between our help, scholarships and possibly a couple of loans we’ll get it done.

I’ve always been proud I got my B.S. with minimal assistance as did my wife. Part of our joy will be helping our kids enjoy college without having to work two jobs between classes.

So keeping an eye on the market and making calculated trades is much more than a hobby.

When the fire season picks back up I am ready. This summer was a turning point for the blog. It’s still evolving and I look forward to the next turn in the road.