Hurricane Ike Set To Crucify Cuba

Update: Follow Hurricane Ike live on UStream.TV
(Thanks to reader Rachel for the tip)

Hurricane Ike could be a political game changer for Cuba. Cuba does not possess the resources required to attend to hundreds of thousands of storm victims.

Proof, Cuban victims of Hurricane Gustav on September 2 are not getting help. Relief has been slow to reach La Isla De la Juventud, Cuba. Nearly 100,000 people live on the island and video, images and first hand accounts confirm the island is devastated. Damage is much worse than the Cuban government is letting on.

This post invited numerous comments from relatives and friends of residents of La Isla. One commenter has heard from relatives in Nueva Gerona that disease in the form of dysentery and dehydration is setting in.

Ike has the potential to cripple the Cuban mainland from Guantanamo Bay to Havana.

The Cuban government response to La Isla does not inspire confidence they can handle a disaster bringing devastation many magnitudes greater.

Update: September 7 Hurricane Ike Track….