Initial Attack Stomping New Starts

I haven’t turned this web effort into a hurricane blog, it’s just that there are no new major fires to report on. I check into Wildland Fire frequently to see about new fires and can get an idea from the chatter if a fire will get beyond the initial attack phase.

Fires are happening but first responders are so efficient at their jobs nothing is getting away. This is a credit to the art of modern day professional wildland firefighting.

When a fire is reported the closest firehouse responds. If the responding engine company can rope it then it’s a done deal, if not dispatch is at the ready to tone out whatever equipment is required to get the job done.

Upon sizing up an incident a Cal Fire or Forest Service captain or engineer can order up equipment ranging from extra engines, dozers, water tenders, hand crews, air attack, helitack, even air tankers.

Once a battalion chief arrives to take the helm his or her experience weighs in and adjusts the incoming equipment one way or the other.

Right now, in California at least everyone is on a full or high dispatch level and as such everything is getting hooked quick.

Where I am at in the center of the State it is hot and dry. The weather is changing as low pressure is bringing wind tomorrow.

This, combined with the Labor Day crowds in the hills will test responders Statewide.

Meanwhile I am watching Hurricane Gustav. First responders as well as National Guard will be first back in to assess damaged areas and to rescue those who don’t heed evacuation warnings.