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Hurricane Gustav Track & Animated Loop Link

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* Follow NOLA News on this Twitter Feed Hurricane Gustav Track. Follow the link to an animated loop.

Initial Attack Stomping New Starts

I haven’t turned this web effort into a hurricane blog, it’s just that there are no new major fires to report on. I check into Wildland Fire frequently to see about new fires and can get an idea from the chatter if a fire will get beyond the initial attack phase. Fires are happening but […]

Hurricane Gustav Raking Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

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*Update– Damage reports from “La Isla” are slowly reaching the web. USA Today offers video here, while the AP reports some news from Isla De la Juventude here offering: “On Isla de la Juventud, surging waters tossed a transport ferry from its moorings into a neighborhood in the city of Nueva Gerona, and knocked down […]

Drought In The Southeast OVER!

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Fay was a drought buster. Gustav and Hanna will seal the deal. Hurricane Center US Drought Monitor

FDNY Firefighters Escort WTC Steel Cross To Flight 93 Memorial

Mid Season Fire "Break"

We are entering the second half of the 2008 West Coast fire season. Central and northern California have owned the stage from May through August but soon the Santa Ana winds will begin pushing hot dry air from the high desert into the Los Angeles Basin, Inland Empire and coastal communities like Malibu. San Diego […]

The "Stay or Go" Debate, They Stay In Australia

The story of the Baker Family in Anakie Australia written by the L.A. Times paints a realistic picture of what confronts residents who choose to stay and fight approaching wildfires. Clearly here in the U.S. we are entering a new era where federal firefighters are backing away from directly attacking wildfires. Firefighter safety is cited […]

Where Is The Evergreen 747 Supertanker?

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One year ago I pondered why the Forest Service killed the deal with Evergreen for use of the 747 Supertanker. The decision was made by a non firefighting administrator just prior to a contract signing. Had smarter heads prevailed we would be seeing the giant air tanker dropping retardant and water over fires today. What […]

Trinity Alps Tragedy, An On Scene Account

The scope of the helicopter crash that claimed nine firefighters in the Trinity Alps is beginning to sink in. These guys were America’s best, proud sons of Oregon and brothers in the greater firefighter family. When accidents happen the incident is studied in order to prevent similar incidents in the future. In this case the […]

Cachagua Valley Visit, Post Basin Complex

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I had to see the country. Years ago I fought fire on the “front” or ocean side of the Basin Complex burn area. Twice we brought crews down from Santa Cruz County late in the afternoon and scraped lines around fires burning on million dollar view sites. Nothing like a beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset as […]

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