Telegraph Fire Scanner (info/ink)

No updates until 4:00 pm as I am in the fire area today. I encourage anyone interested in following the fire to listen on the Telegraph Incident Scanner.

I appreciate all the comments, please keep them coming.


  • Willow says:

    Better late than never, Mike… THANK YOU for keeping us up to date as possible. Earlier today I got a pre-evac notice, I’m between Greeley Hill and Buck Meadows off Smith Station Road and we’re either packing, looking at the smoke plumes out the window, grabbing a bite to eat so we don’t keel over, or watching the blogs/maps. I’m pretty darn scared… thank you for the info so we aren’t in the dark.

  • Mike says:

    Itsnota– I am retired, years now due to injury. Thank you for your readership and comments!Bill and Hilda- best to you both. Please take my posts for what they are worth. Not official and mostly late.I agree with you, the guys and gals on the fire line and in the air are remarkable people!:-)

  • hhh says:

    Mike, Thank you for your blog. Our home is deep in the Merced River Canyon between the North fork of the Merced and Briceburg on the main branch of the Merced. This is the most serious fire we’ve seen in our thirty years in the canyon and the largest commitment of fire fighting resources we can remember to a fire in this area. Your blog and the links it provides gives all of us an over the horizon perspective of this fire and the emence logistical effort fighting a fire of this complexity. Most of all I am amazed how fire fighting crews are able to sustain their efforts in the steep terrain of these foothill canyons with air temps in excess of 100 degrees. This is truely a heroic effort. We pray for their safety.Bill and Hilde

  • itsnotaplace says:

    How do you find time and energy to fight the fire, sleep, eat and do this blog too!?Thank you so much for your incredible tireless efforts! Send our inexpressible thanks to all the firefighters working to put these fires out! You are all superheros in my book!

  • Lori says:

    Thanks for all of your updates, Mike! Thanks for the link to the scanner, as well… was trying to find it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the very helpful info. We live in Foresta and nearly lost our home in the 1990 fire and your website helped to alleviate a bit of tension. Go firefighters! We can never thank you enough for all your hard work.

  • Anonymous says:

    Be safe out there. We will be awaiting your report. Thanks!

  • Dj James Dean says:

    Thanks Mike, Stay safe and I look forward to your first hand report tonight.