Basin Complex; Carmel Valley Residents Remain Evacuated

Those living in Cachagua in Lower Carmel Valley are still under an evacuation order. It’s clear fire commanders will keep residents of the Cachagua community out of their homes while they ‘fire out” canyons above. Residents are still being kept out even though the firing operations are being conducted 5 miles away, uphill.

Significant events today July 16: (inciweb)
“The Evacuation Order remains in effect for the Carmel Valley Road to Piney Creek Road and for the community of Lower Cachagua. Backfire operations continued today with good progress in Div RR. Crews were able to carry fire from DP 309 up to DP 306 and turn East towards Carmel Valley Road. The King City ICP was closed and move to the Tassajara ICP.”

Seems residents should be caravaned or ferried in. One possible reason the Monterey Sheriff’s Office is playing hardball with the Cachagua community might be found in the Cachagua Store Blog. The Monterey County Sheriff has managed to insult residents and in this day wronged or angry citizens can sound off about it (and have) big time!

Read down a few posts on Cachagua Store blog and the picture becomes clear quick why the Sheriff will punish the community as long as he can. Sadly for Cachagua he’s now in a position to do so. Read the fine print from the ICS-209 dated July 14.

“On July 14 the Basin Complex command team added a member of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department (Oakley) as Unified Commander on the east side of the fire.”

I can guess how that appointment was made. Knowing Basin Commander Deitrich was on his way out the Sheriff (or his representative) offered, “ehemm, we’ll take that side of the fire“.

Poor Cachagua. They have cops with a grudge making decisions that side of the fire. Wow!

…and the public relations mess of the Basin Complex Fire continues.


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  • felicia says:

    Thanks for being another voice for us. This is day 5 of The Occupation. Looking out my windows in Jamesburg you would be hard-pressed to say there was a fire. It was smoky during the middle of the day but that’s it. I haven’t seen an emergency vehicle in 10 days, yet we remain on lockdown with no relief in sight. the official statement is to provide free and unfettered access to roads, yet many of us have been told by officials, “you disobeyed the gov’t and now you’re going to die.” I don’t feel in any danger from the fire, just the hysteria.