Basin Complex Fire; Midday Look July 11

From the Tassajara Zen Center complex the fire has moved rapidly east running towards the Arroyo Seco drainage. It met up with the N/W edge of the Indians Fire burn and continues marching east and N/E towards the dozer lines (indicated by white lines in the graphic below) beyond. I believe these are hard lines and are intended to define the eastern perimeter of the Basin Complex.

The above image is a view up canyon east looking west. The image below is presented from the south looking north. The Google Earth KML overlay is a fair (but not perfect) representation of fire activity. Red dots indicate the most recent fire movement.

Consider downloading Google Earth. Once downloaded refer to the Forest Service Active Fire Mapping Program page for the files. One click and the overlays appear.

The finest interpretation of the Basin Complex Fire using Google Earth overlays is Xasauan Today.

Here is another look with another overlay from NASA funded FIRMS, a University of Maryland project.