Basin Complex Fire Maps Views July 5

The maps below show the progess of the Basin Complex fire as represented by USFS MODIS via KML/Google Earth overlay. The “dots” are not represented as real time but they do offer a visual of areas that have burned and terrain in the path of the fire.

The first image is looking at the north front of the fire from the west. The Basin Complex incident base in Molera State Park is marked.

The image below shows the southern front of the Basin Complex fire. Again the image is viewed from the west.

This image shows the proximity of the Basin Complex fire to the Indians Fire. This image is cast from the north. Between the two fires lies the Arroyo Seco drainage and the (now) famed Tassajara Hot Springs. The distance between the two fires is less than 2 miles at the closest point.

This GeoMAC image was captured at 4:00 pm PST and shows no current activity on the east front of the fire. The town of Big Sur looks pretty solid this afternoon.