Basin Complex Fire Slows, Indians IC Adding Acreage

Good news from the Basin Fire tonight as the fire appears to have lost steam under milder weather. Fire commander Deitrich offers the following assessment in the even incident summary;

Today’s observed fire behavior:
West Zone: “Fire behavior moderated in all areas with backing and creeping.”
East Zone:Active runs above 2000 ft elevation. Smoldering and creeping in drainages and below 2000 ft.”

Meanwhile on the Indians Fire the plan seems to be “tidy up” by burning out any green areas left on the north flank of the fire. You can see clearly how they are trying to fill in the blanks by intentionally blackening any green (unburned) areas within the fire perimeter.
You will recall from the earliest ICS-209 reports filed over one month ago the current IC predicted the fire would grow to 80,000 acres.
He’ll be right.
Meanwhile it appears they experienced some slopover from the operation. We’ll see what becomes of that tomorrow.