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Threat Eases as Telegraph Slows To a Crawl

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Updated totals for the Telegraph Fire: 33,705 Acres -40% Contained –4,448 Fire Personnel -51 dozers- 57 Water Tenders 101 Engines -13 Helicopters -12 Fixed Wing Aircraft- 61 Hand Crews Including 6 Camp Crews Projected demobilization start date: August 1, 2008 0800hrs Today’s observed fire behavior:“North end of the fire is a running surface fire with […]

Telegraph Fire Maps Branch/Division Indicators

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Thanks to the “Anon” email, much appreciation. The Telegraph incident working map has been as tightly held for some reason. Eisenhower didn’t enjoy such secrecy! Click maps to enlarge

Telegraph Fire Midday Numbers Update July 30

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The afternoon incident 209 is out and not much has changed since the previous filing posted at midnight. Acreage is still 32,060 but the fire is now at 40% containment. 3,790 firefighters on scene. At the moment the Martin Mars air tanker AND Tanker 910 are lining up to make drops over the fire. All […]

Kat Country Thinking About Fireline Heroes

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Jim Wells, one of the good guys at Kat Country 103.3fm in Modesto sends a message of good will and an offer to help any way they can to the firefighters working long hours on the Telegraph Fire In addition to offers of help Jim would like to put a few firefighters on the air […]

Martin Mars Tankers Pay Call On The Telegraph Fire

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The Martin Mars supertankers are set to make drops on the north head of the Telegraph Fire some time today. Two air attack crafts circling 6,000 ft above the fire were heard discussing plans to use the giant planes to bolster a double wide dozer line on top of (or near) Black Mountain. The Martin […]

Telegraph Fire Path Moves Away From Mariposa

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The midnight 209 offers lots of hope for Mariposa County residents. The fire grew by 10% in the last 24 hours to 32,600 acres. Containment is at 20%. Damage assessment shows 22 homes have been burned, a downward revision from the 25 reported yesterday. 32 outbuilding have been consumed by flames. Just under 3,800 firefighters […]

"I Think We Saved Tassajara" A Fire Story Like No Other

Tassajara Mountain Center Director David Zimmerman recounts how he and four fellow “fire-monks” faced the Basin Complex Fire as it swept down canyon from four sides on the afternoon of July 10. We read about preparations for the fire’s arrival and circumstances that led to the decision to stay, now we are treated to a […]

Telegraph Fire Maps Evening July 29

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GeoMAC and MODIS overlay on Google Earth are synchronized at the moment. Click maps to enlarge This afternoon the convection column was at least as large as any of the four columns visible yesterday. The plume was visible from the parking lot of Gold’s Gym in north Fresno at 3:00 pm today. Some structure protection […]

Telegraph Fire Maps

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The map shown below does not include the legend. You must follow this Map Link for a legend description. The map is not a fire perimeter map as much as a definition of evacuation warnings and watches. Click map images to enlarge. I’m posting another GeoMAC map with some reservation. The map shows activity that […]

Midday July 29 Telegraph Fire Challenges Fire Command

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“We’re going to be in for a fight” This is a direct quote from one Branch Director communicating with another Branch Director minutes ago. This communication follows chatter indicating the slopover I blogged about earlier near Black Mountain was completely lost. There is reason to believe this fire is still very much in it’s early […]

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