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Safe To Say They Lost The Clover Fire

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Follow the Clover Fire live. — One hour interval — I’ve covered the Clover Fire and have watched this FUM to suppression fire deteriorate. Best of luck fellas, that’s nasty country to fight fire in. .

California Firestorm 2008 Rages On

More than 600 fires are burning in the northern California while 66 fires burn in the central section of the state. The daily NIFC report is posted by 7:00 am PST. is the Federal Government’s incident information website and a repository for information submitted by fire managers for public consumption. (Note: Inciweb has been […]

Significant Challenges For California Firefighters

Lightning ignited numerous smaller fires in Big Sur late yesterday. The Gallery Fire is reported at 2,000 acres and moving. The smaller Bear Basin Fire burning inland from the Gallery Fire is reported to have burned 200 acres. Resources for these fires are being pulled from the (55,000 acre) monster Indians Fire burning on the […]

Clover Fire, They'll Fight It Now

The lightning caused Clover Fire has burned nearly 4,000 acres near the Sequoia National Forest. The Clover Fire began May 28 and was designated a “Wildland Fire Used For Rescource Benefit” or FUM. The fire has been redesignated and suppression efforts are now being put in place.Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail are being rerouted, […]

Lime Complex; All Hands To California's North Coast

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Dry lightning ignited 11 named fires (so far) in the Six Rivers and Shasta National Forests. At risk is watershed and fisheries resources. The town of Hyampom could be at risk. The eleven named fires are Rabbit, Van Duzen, Mad, Black, Gainor, Mingo, Groves, River, South Fork Mountain, Limedyke, Lake Mountain Ranch and Greedy Fires. […]

First Day Of Summer Brings Devil Weather

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Firefighters across California will be tested by extreme weather this weekend. The 2,600 firefighters on the Indians Fire near Fort Hunter Liggett will face 106 degree temps with west winds at 11 mph. Firefighters in Watsonville fighting the Trabing Fire will see temps. in the mid 90’s. Heat exhaustion is a consideration. A Red Flag […]

Trabing Fire; Thousands Flee Path

Indians Fire A Zaca Fire Redux?

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The Indians Fire burning in the Ventana Wilderness and Fort Hunter Liggett was 50% contained at 41,000 acres but is now at 35% containment according to the updated ICS-209 report. Recall the Zaca Fire when the fire command lost it after nearly pinching it off at 35,000 acres? As I recall it was the same […]

Pain At The Pump, The $100 Fill Up!

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It finally happened, I paid a Bill, a C note, a hundred bucks to fill my car tonight. I passed on the line at Costco where they were charging $4.51 and opted for a Valero station that was charging $4.55 and 9/10ths, (can we dispense with that little marketing gimmick now). Hardly anyone at the […]

Indians Fire Satellite Image

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Image NASA, Raipidfire California Subset Unique imagery showing fog hugging the coast. Barely 25 miles inland the Indians Fire races on doubling in size overnight to an estimated 44,000 acres. It’s also unusual to see a S/E wind against the coastal inversion. Also note in the upper part of the image the Humboldt Fire still […]

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