Big Sur Fire: Historic Event In The Making

The fire is very active today as we see from the most recent map from GeoMAC. It appears the fire will merge with the Indians Fire as predicted here last week. Take a look at the spot fires (indicated as red dots) in the map below.
Note too how the Indians Fire has blown containment on the N/E.

This is a beautiful forest and is very sad to witness. I believe both fire managers are doing everything in their power to bring these conflagrations under control. Sadly they don’t have the resources to confront it properly. Two thousand firefighters is about 1/4 of the manpower they need to make a dent.
The morning report indicates 40,000 acres with 3% contained for the Basin Complex Fire. The Indians Fire says 61,000 acres with 89% containment. I believe that containment figure will be revised downward.