Bonny Doon Fire,Torching, Running Up Empire Grade

Official name Martin Fire
This one is in my old back yard and there has not been a fire in that area for decades. Bay Area news is on the story. Follow the initial attack notes here.

Currently (per Wildlandfire) “200-400 acres , rapid rate of spread, heavy brush and pine. Lots of dead and down fuel. Multiple structures threatened”.

Reverse 911 being employed for Bonny Doon.

Bonny Doon Fire Live Streaming.


More as the night progresses.


  • Anonymous says:

    a friend of mine called- they were embarrassed too as the siren going off was an accident.

  • Chris says:

    I’m local, near Olympia in the Zayante Valley. At 23:07 I heard the Felton Emergency siren go off. I’m a bit embarassed, as I’ve heard tests before, but never the siren. Is this a call to the volunteers, or to alert the community? And if the latter, what is it alerting to? Has the Martin fire changed directions? It was heading SW, away from Felton at last report.