Gas Lines In Spain As Truckers Say "No Chingues"

Roughly translated – don’t screw with us – as they strike, protesting high fuel prices. Truckers in Madrid and other parts of Spain have quit delivering fuel to gas stations causing long lines at stations with no gas!

“15 percent of the capital’s outlets had run out of fuel. Manuel Amado, president of Catalonia’s owners’ federation, said 40 percent of Catalonia’s 1,714 stations had sold out.

The stoppage led to lengthy lines at many gasoline stations across the country as drivers rushed to fill up.

Drivers were paying the equivalent of about $7.32 per gallon of diesel Monday. By contrast, diesel was selling in the U.S. for about $4.75.

Truckers also blocked a number of roads around the country, including some leading into the center of Barcelona and the international border with France.

“We are the ones who move the goods that this country needs to keep working. If we stop because we haven’t got the money to buy fuel then the country will stop…”

Why am I writing about it on Firefighter Blog? Because we are not far away ourselves from seeing truckers here mount a similar campaign. I haven’t read anything to suggest a general strike by truckers is imminent but when it happens there wont be a dramatic announcement

I’ve posted on the subject of food hoarding and thankfully aside from a mini-run on rice at Costco stores we haven’t experienced shortages and associated food lines.
What is your plan if gas and food delivery trucks day screw it?

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