Off Topic: High School Valedictorian Faces Deportation

Fresno California

Arthur Mkoyan, a recent Bullard High School graduate and class Valedictorian is to be deported to Armenia, a place he was moved from when he was two years old. His family is scheduled to be put on a plane by the end of June.
The local Congressman, who coincidently I voted for just hours ago, has shown little interest in helping Arthur so far.
Senator Feinstien has shown some interest but it’s not looking too good for the young man at the moment.
Young Mykoyan needs someone to step up in a hurry.

I had a car stolen from the neighborhood of the University of Southern California back in my college days by an illegal immigrant from South of the border. I lost everything I owned. I was in the midst of moving and the car was loaded. They deported the guy. Little justice.
On a larger issue the weight of illegal immigration has taxed our social services. The benefits of a larger labor pool is outweighed by the burdens imposed on our city, county and state governments.

I cannot emigrate to Mexico and enjoy all the benefits of citizenship there. If I’m undocumented I get the boot after my visitor visa expires. That’s their law and I respect it.

Let’s be fair

Fairness dictates special cases like that of Arthur Mkoyan and other kids like him be given special consideration.


Lalo was 13 when he helped his dad and older brother take a cedar stump out of the backyard of my new home. Lalo like most 13 year olds wore out sooner than dad and brother. He went to the truck. On occassion over the years the gardner’s son would accompany him as he worked on my property. In time Lalo graduated from Bullard High School. He joined his father’s gardening business full time, manning the mower.
His intent is to join the Army and serve in Iraq. In the meantime he started a part time business selling IT hardware. Soon he would get out from behind the lawnmower.

Not to be

Lalo was born in Mexico and the family moved to California when he was two. His parents are illegal/undocumented aliens.
Lalo is in a no-man’s-land at the moment. He has lived here since age two and has never visited Mexico. He considers himself an American and is willing to fight and die for his country.

I parted company with his father once I learned of his status but before I did I had a chance to question Lalo about his status and what he can do.
As it turns out if Lalo is “caught” by immigration officials he could end up on the streets of Tijuana Mexico. Does that strike anyone as wrong?

I advised him if stopped to declare he is from Canada or even Sweden. Makes as much sense to drop him off in Vancouver or Stockholm as it does Tijuana. Why should he suffer for foolish mistakes his parents made? Same with Arthur.

Lalo can’t join the Army because he has no social security number. He has a high school diploma, speaks two languages and has a drivers license but doesn’t have a social security card. What do you say to Lalo? Neither he or Arthur are anchor babies because they were not born here. These are boys that were victims of circumstance and the sins of their parents should not be visited on them.


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