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Google Responds To Quake With Tech Aid

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In what may be the first large scale response by a tech company to a natural disaster, Google has jumped to the aid of the Chinese government and people in the wake of the massive Sichuan Quake. China based Shanghaiist Blog offers this summary of the Google quake response; “With over 30,000 dead, another tens […]

China Quake; Entire Cities Flattened

China Earthquake Video- Links More earthquake video on Take your pick of the various China Earthquake Relief Funds.

Firebugs Working Florida, 100 Homes in Flames

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More than 100 homes have burned as fast racing blazes leapfrog over dry ground helped by strong winds off the Atlantic Coast. Firefighters are stretched. An example is this snippet of information from the Incident Status Report for the Osage Fire near Babock in Brevard County. Reported 1800 hrs 5/12– “FIRE NOT CONTAINED AT THIS […]

China Quake Video From The Ground

Tudou, China’s version of Youtube offers video from the ground. Most of the videos you see here have not made it to the major media outlets yet!

Immense Sadness In China Quake Aftermath

Quick facts 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Sechuan Province, China Intitial Reports of Dead, 9,000 900 Middle School Children Trapped 80% of Buildings in Beichuan County Leveled 5,000 Feared Dead in Beichuan County 2,300 Cell Phone Towers Down Ammonia Factory Damaged Releasing 80 Tons

Dubai Fire; When Money is No Object

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I admit a fascination with Dubai. Over the top architecture, man made island cities and a place where Chevy Corvettes arrive at an emergency scenes before fire suppression apparatus. Yes it’s true and you can read about it here, where you will also read about the fleet of Hummers they operate; “Brigadier Rashid Thani Al […]

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