ANWR; We Need To Drill NOW

Everyone I know over 40 believes we should be tapping oil resources in ANWR so this post is directed at the genx, millennials and third graders who stumble onto this blog.

Where is Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)?

Barrow Alaska (image

The people in Barrow and the rest of Alaska support drilling in ANWR 3 to 1 according to the pro-drilling site Lots of good reading there and much more here.

I paid $4.25 a gallon to fill my car last week. I drove for take out yesterday and chose the closest option rather than the restaurant I preferred a few miles down the road as a protest.

The food at the restaurant is more expensive today than it was last month. It costs more for beef, rice and the noodles to be delivered to the restaurant so the restaurateur has to pass it on. Eventually her business will be affected as her customers stay home instead of burning gas to pay for her high priced food.

She will have to lay off staff, busboys first, then wait staff. Her rent won’t go down because the strip mall owner faces the prospect of losing all his tenants, he’s holding on too.

Where is your psychological breaking point on a gallon of gas? $5.00, $6.00, have you thought about it? At what price do you begin reallocating discretionary household funds. You Genx and Millennial folks generally don’t cook so at what price do you begin rethinking your Starbucks and Burger King budget?

Empty strip malls.

So what you may say but the strip mall is the heart and soul of small retail business in America. These are the small businesses Walmart could not kill, restaurants, laundry, specialty gift, flower shops etc.

They are the canary in the coal mine. As they go, so go we.

What does this have to do with ANWR?

Once we decide to drill a positive chain of events will unfold almost immediately.

Oil futures will fall as traders bail, reversing long positions in favor of a hedge. OPEC, who are not the enemy by the way, will convene and plot a new course. The prospect of being reduced to selling oil to China, India and a miserly (greening) Europe scares them. India and China subsidize their growing oil demand. The Saudi’s and the OPEC nations worst nightmare is to be stuck selling their oil to countries that bargain.

Watch how fast oil drops below $90 a barrel once our intentions to drill in ANWR is announced.
ANWR’s oil as I see it is a gigantic bargaining chip. It’s also a bridge that will deliver us to the next energy source. I suggest that that the 30 year supply in ANWR will never be fully exhausted. Within that 30 years we will be driving battery or hydrogen powered vehicles.

In the meantime we can’t allow ourselves to be beaten down by foreign suppliers. I mentioned above that they are not our enemies. They are businessmen. They have the goods and we buy their goods. If we are too stupid to get in the business ourselves then we can’t blame them for making bank.

Let’s not forget what they will never forget. Before oil reserves were discovered in the Arabian Gulf region the world treated Gulf residents as ugly stepchildren. The tables turned, call it Karma, I call it poor planning on our part, but they hold the goods and could care less whether you or I cancel our summer trip to Lake Tahoe or Mt. Rushmore.

We need to grow up about Alaska oil. The caribou will be just fine. Those that shed a tear for caribou and the other critters of the tundra should know hunting is allowed on the refuge. What? Bet the armchair environmentalists didn’t realize that. The horror!

Let’s start the drilling and wake up to the fact our economy, lifestyle and national security are impacted by not doing so.



  • yodog55 says:

    i belive we have to driil! me and you should go to washington and convince them to drill!!!!!:)

  • Mike says:

    Thanks Anon, I do know the drilling will be near the coast, I liked the pic and thought it would draw attention.Thanks for the comment!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your photo is inaccurate: It _does_ show a view of ANWR but the photographer is looking south, into the area that would still be protected. If – when – drilling occurs, it will be only in the Coastal Plain area behind the photogs back. The mountains you see are the Brooks Range and there would be no drilling there.

  • Mike says:

    Corey, I understand and share your anger but no one needs to be shot….these people are dilusional, mental yes but this isn’t Saddam’s Iraq.My post above is already outdated. I paid $4.50 a gallon the other day.

  • corey2444 says:

    The envirn(mentallyillness)mentalists want the human population to decrease and all go back to Horse and Buggy. Bastards they all are as they consume all the same resources everyone else does. They are laughing it up as our country declines. They all need to be executed for being enemies to our nation in disguise.It’s only going to be a matter of time before China and Russia start giving us unreasonable demands, such as drilling in ANWR for themselves. We’ll continue to sit back and bicker back and forth about this so-called “Global Warming” Al Gore uses for nothing more than wealth and power.DRILL! DRILL! DRILL DAMMIT! DRILL!

  • Mike says:

    Hi English Major,You said;”Such claims will only convince, or at least amuse, “Everyone [you] know over 40” – who already agree with you.”Some truth there.Thanks for the comment. Thanks even more for not ripping my writing style, sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation. As an English major you could have. The reason I took a shot at the younger generation(s) is they are the ones ingesting the pablum offered by the al gore inspired green media types.I’m all for green myself but we have to make way for common sense.I think you agree.

  • armchair English major says:

    Re: ANWRI “stumbled onto this blog” but I’m not one of the “genx, millennials and third graders” that your blog is “directed at.” While I don’t share your certainty about drilling in ANWR, I am willing to listen to all sides. So I read your blog, expecting to hear a more convincing argument. But I was not convinced. Perhaps because, while you defined your audience right up front, you neglect to address THEIR concerns, except for the price of gas – and oh yeah, the critters of the tundra.” And perhaps because you make broad assumptions and claims about them. (“You Genx and Millennial folks generally don’t cook so at what price do you begin rethinking your Starbucks and Burger King budget?” First, plenty of them do cook; Second, those who have issues with ANWR drilling may also have issues with Starbucks and Burger King.) Such claims will only convince, or at least amuse, “Everyone [you] know over 40” – who already agree with you.Snarky name-calling also repels your audience and weakens your argument. Example: “armchair environmentalists,” which only serves to amuse you and yours. If you really want to convince someone who does not already think exactly like you, show them that you respect their position, or that you at least know what it is; most effective arguments have effective rebuttals. Then, your compelling points, such as your well-developed theory of how ANWR drilling will lower the price of oil, are more likely to make a significant, even consequential, impression.

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel the same way! we need to drill now and quite dancing around the subject when we all know that we will eventually do it anyway. I am staring to get scared that I wont be able to afford to drive to work and pay my house payment. Lets wake up people and quit whining about the caribu if we drill it will at least give us time come up with a better solution plus just by anoucing that we are going to drill will make the Arabs lower there cost. As of now we have no way of making them lower there cost becuase they know we cant do anything about it we are a strong nation that needs to bond together and prove them wrong no matter the cost, so that we may save ourselves!