Summit Fire Response, Be Proud California

The morning report from the Summit Fire Incident Command points to limited perimeter growth as winds abate and fire crews establish lines and begin mop up operations.

Watching this event from a distance it was easy to guess this fire would impose a deeper scar. I am amazed and impressed by the response of CalFire (CDF) and supporting municipalities including volunteers.

It didn’t hurt that CalFire has engines at the ready in the Santa Cruz area. From Swanton to Felton, Morgan Hill to Smith Creek, Calfire has dozens of manned engine crews that are within an hour from Loma Prieta.

CalFire operates an air base in Hollister, a quick 5 minute flight over Gilroy and the Hecker Pass to the fire lines.
Copter 504 is based at Lexington Reservoir, less than 10 miles from the area of the Summit Fire.

When I was a Fire Crew Supervisor working out of Ben Lomond Youth Conservation Camp we had a crew working year round on the Loma Prieta fuel break. CalFire has the Santa Cruz Mountains surrounded.

Residents of rural California have little idea how well protected they are. The State of California has the best trained, most dedicated and professional wildland fire protection service in the world situated to respond to emergencies.

This has never been more evident than the quick action we saw yesterday.

Makes me proud to say I once worked for them.

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  • BCFD36 says:

    I just found your site. Very nice. Two items… You could have mentioned the volunteer agencies that were there, including Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, Zayante, Felton, and the Loma Prieta Volunteers. There is a brief video of the fire at Lastly, copter 106 is at Alma, not 504. D. ScruggsCaptain, Boulder Creek Fire.