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The State Of Incident Blogging

The first fire I ever followed in blog form was the Rodeo-Chedeski Fire in 2002. A local woman, a Show Low Arizona web designer offered a running update of the fire based on information from a scanner and friends who phoned her with first hand updates. She may have been the first incident blogger. Her […]

No Memorial Day Doodle From Google

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Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal points out that Google passed on honoring Memorial Day with one of their clever holiday doodles. Shame really, you would hope they would honor our fallen considering they found it in their hearts to honor these “all important” days…………………….. Persian New Year Day March 20, 2008 …..and 125th Birthday […]

ANWR; We Need To Drill NOW

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Everyone I know over 40 believes we should be tapping oil resources in ANWR so this post is directed at the genx, millennials and third graders who stumble onto this blog. Where is Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)? Barrow Alaska (image The people in Barrow and the rest of Alaska support drilling in ANWR […]

Memorial Day: God Bless America

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Country Rides Where We Play What We Grow How We Roll Why We Can!

Summit Fire Response, Be Proud California

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The morning report from the Summit Fire Incident Command points to limited perimeter growth as winds abate and fire crews establish lines and begin mop up operations. Watching this event from a distance it was easy to guess this fire would impose a deeper scar. I am amazed and impressed by the response of CalFire […]

Summit Fire Should Peak at 7,000 Acres

Information from the Incident 209 Report filed 1800 hrs yesterday. Total Personnel Assigned (as of 1800 hrs 5/22)410 Size/Area Involved3,000 ACRES% Contained or MMA15 Percent “Today’s observed fire behavior (leave blank for non-fire events):Extreme fire behavior was influenced by an abnormal weather phenomena for this area. Strong, dry winds contributed to rapid fire growth in […]

Summit Fire Map

The map link was submitted in the comment section in one of my earlier posts. Thanks Bob! [googlemaps,-121.855888&spn=0.170374,0.287018&output=embed&s=AARTsJru8noM-W7XTfLlM6iwMeCBOognUg&w=425&h=350]

Summit Fire; Links, Satellite Image, Web Cam, Map

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Summit Fire Webcam view from Morgan Hill. Google Maps Summit Fire overlay Sat. Image GOES More Summit Fire coverage;Streaming from Channel 11CalFire (CDF) homepage infoSummit Fire Blog SearchCalFire News Blog

Summit Fire Taking Out Structures & Acreage

The combination timber/brush fire has burned close to 2,000 acres in addition to numerous structures and vehicles as it tracks South towards the town of Corralitos. Fire area weather calls for sustained wind gusts 15 to 20 mph through the daylight hours. One news channel mentioned the town of Corralitos is being prepped for evacuation […]

SUMMIT FIRE: Evacuations In Santa Cruz County

A wind driven timber fire in Santa Cruz County California has consumed 1000 acres so far. The fire was reported just before dawn today and is being pushed by onshore winds. has a running thread on the progress of the fire. Local news streaming video of the Summit Fire.More video coverage here. The fire […]

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