Santa Anita Fire Map

Many are hitting search engines looking for information on the Santa Anita Fire referring to it as the “Sierra Madre Fire”.

There is an understandable thirst for maps, both area and perimeter. Inciweb is hosting the incident command maps. The most recent fire perimeter map for the Santa Anita Fire is posted here;

Fire progression, evening 4/28

Fire progression early morning 4/28

The Sit.209 report updated this evening still projects the fire to peak at 650 acres. They hit it dead on upon their initial analysis.

More from the Incident Command

Significant events today (closures, evacuations, significant progress made, etc.):
South East portion of Sierra Madre was repopulated. Monestory area of Sierra Madre evacuated.

Today’s observed fire behavior: Active upslope runs, lateral and backing spread.

Remarks:Unified Command with USFS (Fiorella), Sierra Madre Fire (Heydorf), Sierra Madre Police (Diaz) and LA County Sheriff (Rodriguez). Acreage breakdown: USFS=234 acres and Sierra Madre=304 acres.

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