Firefighter Blog Around The Web

The most fun from blogging is checking the visitor logs and seeing where readers come from. Quite a few visitors have surfed in from a Google search for “World’s Tallest Tree”. Firefighter Blog is the #1 web result behind Google’s own Youtube and image results.

I saved the screen and posted it here as proof because I expect big “G” to adjust the results and kick me down to remote pages where the post belongs.

My post yesterday about food hoarding was picked up by New York Sun as a blogger perspective for the search term “India”. They have a food hoarding problem in India and their algorithm ripped through my text and thought it had something to add.
It didn’t.
Part of the fun of blogging is being a part of the emerging web. We are in the primitive stages of web development, search and information delivery. My kids may look back someday at this archive (maybe on a bet) and it will be like looking back in those old timer stereo vision viewers that were hot in the late 1800’s.