Food Hoarding Coming To a Neighborhood Near You?

I heard the reference to “Food Hoarding” three times while surfing through the cable news channels this morning. The topic is a major concern in India where distribution of foodstores to rural provinces is not always on a predictable time table.

Here we have no problem with distribution, yet. I confess our pantry is pretty well stocked and I intend to add to the canned goods supply. Why?

My concern is truckers are about fed up with the price of diesel and there is about to be a revolt. Our local grocery stores are nothing without daily deliveries and it’s trucks that deliver the goods.

Have you ever seen your local supermarket sporting an empty bread section. I have once on a Sunday night and frankly it stopped me cold. Not because I missed my bread but it showed me how fragile the distribution chain is.

When I was a teenager I recall the oil embargo and waiting over an hour to fill my Mustang. It left an impression that at any time those holding us hostage to commodities hold the key to our comfort.

So what happens when the truckers say enough? You be the judge how your neighborhood will react if the store shelves start looking like those in a typical middle class Russian city.

Should first responders fill the pantry? It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to load up on canned and bulk goods at the station.