H5N1 (Bird Flu) Simmering In Asia

This time an outbreak in South Korea. Reuters reports today;

“South Korea on Sunday confirmed its latest case of bird flu as from the deadly H5N1 strain, adding to a string of outbreaks in recent weeks which led to the culling of more than half a million poultry….

There had been 238 human deaths globally from the H5N1 strain and 376 confirmed cases of infection since 2003 according to World Health Organisation data. An Egyptian woman has been reported dead since those figures were available.

A major concern is the possibility of mutation into a disease that easily passes from one person to another, triggering a global pandemic.”

Why is this a concern of Firefighter Blog? I follow this story as it pertains to first responders. If the strain hits here and a global pandemic ensues first responders will be tested as never before.

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