Firefighter Blogs, Gadgets, Spring Forward

Firefighter Blog readers may have noticed the chat gizmo on the upper right of the sidebar. Google is forever coming up with innovations and this one has already proved useful.
For instance, the other night I was notified via a polite beep that someone was shooting me a chat message from the blog.

Turns out it was from a fellow fire blogger by the name of Bill Gabbert from South Dakota. Bill operates Wildfire Today, a slick blog operated by a veteran wildland firefighter.
We exchanged links. We all have another resource to consult as fire season approaches.

One of Bill’s articles highlights an OSHA summary of the Esperanza Fire that claimed the lives of five firefighters on October 26, 2006 in the San Bernardina National Forest. I’d never seen this particular overhead image of the deadly scene. Some homes are not worth saving.

Remember to push the clock forward tonight. The day we go to daylight savings each year is one of my favorites. More day to enjoy, closer to barbecue season and it means summer is not far away.

It also means I have to get my tomatoes in the ground!!