Firefighter Blog Around The World

I love maps, I especially like the map of the world that shows where visitors to this blog come from. Communist countries like North Korea, Cuba, China and Russia don’t send many viewers because most limit internet use. Some utopia huh?
The one reader from Mongolia who surfed through, the four or five visitors from Siberia, thanks!

Take a look at the Sahara Desert and central Africa. Zaire, Zambia, Uganda, Chad. Libya, Mauritania north and east on the continent, none. One reader from Sudan.
From the Muslim regions some Dubai and the UAE citizens click on. A few readers from Iraq, no doubt American military. How many in Iran are denied the right to see the world from the web?

I have friends in Queensland Australia and blog often on the bush fires there. My posts on the tragic fires in Greece last year invited unbelievable traffic from southern Europe.

This map points to the disparity of wealth worldwide.

Every community worldwide has someone who responds to fires. My affinity is with the first responders in India, rural Argentina, Serbia and Canton China. Political affiliations mean little when these community heroes answer the alarm.

I am thankful for all the visitors to Firefighter Blog worldwide.