Bird Flu, The Simmering Pandemic?

I know, the title is a little over the top but is it really? Fox News provides details of a 22 year old man who died from avian or ‘bird flu’ in Jianghua County of Hunan’s Yongzhou City China.

Tests confirmed the boy had H5N1″

More than 225 people have died worldwide from the virus, according to the World Health Organization reports Fox.

I have posted on this subject in the past and my chief concern, aside from the potential threat to my family and friends is the effect a pandemic, or even an outbreak would pose to first responders.
Bird flu, or H5N1 is not going away any time soon. When you read the strain is centering on poultry and then consider everyone in rural China or Indonesia raises chickens it seems inevitable a mutated form of the virus will take hold.

More on the virus from Wikipedia.