Wildfires Burn In Virginia and Carolinas

Hard to believe but AP via Google News reports the following;

“Investigators went to work Monday trying to figure out what ignited hundreds of weekend wildfires that chased some residents from churches and led others to seek them out for sanctuary.

The wind that had fanned the flames in the rain-starved Carolinas and Virginia had died down Monday. The earliest rain in the forecast for South Carolina was Tuesday.

Because of the high wind and wildfires, both Democratic presidential hopefuls — Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama — canceled appearances scheduled in Roanoke, Va. Virginia’s presidential primaries are on Tuesday. Thousands of customers in the region still had no electricity because of damage caused by the fires and wind.

About 60 homes in Conway were briefly evacuated Sunday when a fire sent smoke billowing above the city of about 11,000 people, about 15 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach.

Lewis Cooper fled the flames — one of South Carolina’s 111 forest fires — with his wife, and said the heat was intense from hundreds of feet away…..”


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