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Argentina Wildfire, The News Spread Like, Well…

Kind of amazing a smaller sized fire could get such International attention so quickly. Source: Reuters ” BUENOS AIRES, Feb 28 (Reuters) – Wildfires burned at a national park in Argentina’s Patagonia region on Thursday, threatening to destroy trees up to thousands of years old, and the government called for residents in the area to […]

Texas Burning, Evacuations & Firefighter Injuries

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From Fox News: “Fire officials were waiting for daylight Tuesday to assess the scope of one massive wildfire stretching across Sterling, Reagan and Irion counties in Central Texas that could be as large as 500,000 acres, said David Abernathy, an incident commander with the forest service. Airplanes will fly over the fire during daylight Tuesday […]

Bird Flu, The Simmering Pandemic?

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I know, the title is a little over the top but is it really? Fox News provides details of a 22 year old man who died from avian or ‘bird flu’ in Jianghua County of Hunan’s Yongzhou City China. “Tests confirmed the boy had H5N1″ More than 225 people have died worldwide from the virus, […]

Oklahoma Wildfires, It's Starting Early

They may be small but just the fact vegetation is burning at all in Southwest Oklahoma in mid February is newsworthy. Not a whole lot of mainstream press on it yet but here is some local coverage. Starting early this year!

Hobbyist Builds Lego Firefighter

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Dave from Brickplayer Lego put together this Lego firefighter.

Wildfires Burn In Virginia and Carolinas

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Hard to believe but AP via Google News reports the following;“Investigators went to work Monday trying to figure out what ignited hundreds of weekend wildfires that chased some residents from churches and led others to seek them out for sanctuary. The wind that had fanned the flames in the rain-starved Carolinas and Virginia had died […]

Blue Angels — Simply Amazing

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Still here……no fires burning….in the Northern Hemishere anyway.In the meantime, enjoy this. More images here.