2007 Firefighter Fatalities


  • 115 on-duty firefighter deaths in 2007
  • Firefighters lost in 33 States
  • 54 died of heart attacks or strokes
  • 10 died fighting wildland fires
  • 19 caught or trapped in structure fires
  • 20% of fatalities were from responding to or returning from incidents
  • Lack of seat belt use contributed to total
  • 64% of fatalities occurred while performing emergency duties



  • Donovan says:

    May God Bless you! I am a former fire officer/ Paramedic from Sarasota, Florida.http://jack-donovan.blogspot.com/

  • JC says:

    Mike, In March of 2007, The New England Journal of Medicine published a Harvard study, “Emergency Duties and Deaths from Heart Disease among Firefighters in the United States”, their study findings shed light on sudden cardiac events and their prevention for this vital and revered profession. The study built on the observation that cardiovascular events that occur while firefighters are on duty appear to cluster around specific activities, especially heavy exertion during fire suppression.The finding that these events might cluster around or be triggered by specific duties is not new, so this pattern of increased deaths during emergency duties should not surprise us but should inform us, and call for us to take action, as some of those myocardial events, are totally preventable.Be Safe

  • Bitte says:

    Scary numbers of firefighters death!Have a nice sunday,reguards from Sweden.

  • Mike says:

    I agree. These were all great guys putting it on the line. Among the best the USA has to offer.That list causes you to take pause, slow down and look up once in awhile.

  • FireResQGuru says:

    Damn shame that in this day in age, with the technology we have, the major advances in equipment and gear, that we are STILL killing over 100 firefighters a year. Damn shame….