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2007 Firefighter Fatalities

USFA Releases Provisional 2007 Firefighter Fatality Statistics Facts: 115 on-duty firefighter deaths in 2007 Firefighters lost in 33 States 54 died of heart attacks or strokes 10 died fighting wildland fires 19 caught or trapped in structure fires 20% of fatalities were from responding to or returning from incidents Lack of seat belt use contributed […]

Devilish Flames WhirlingThrough NE Tasmania

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AAP reports via Yahoo News the town of Priory in NE Tasmania is in danger of being consumed by a wildfire fanned by gale force winds.“Firefighters are racing to combat a major bushfire burning out of control and threatening a small town on Tasmania’s north-east tip. The fire, estimated to have burned more than 200 […]

California Wildfire Season Takes A Break!

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I’ve never seen this before!