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Perspective; Malibu Fires vs True Tragedy

Governor Schwarzenegger toured the Corral Canyon neighborhood of Malibu getting a first hand look at a few of the 53 homes burned during the Corral Fire Saturday. Arnold brushed off the standard fire tragedy response speech and delivered it to the L.A. news media. Governor Schwarzenegger has given the same response at least four times […]

Malibu's Corral Fire Satellite Image

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Modis Rapidfire The Los Angeles Times wrote a great article about a Malibu resident who took matters into his own hands as the Corral Fire swept through his neighborhood.“…When the burning cinders flew over the street and set a steep canyon south of Sequit ablaze and flames shot back up the hill, Haines sprayed down […]

Corral Fire, Malibu Neighborhoods In Flames

A Santa Ana Wind driven fire started at 3:30 am Saturday morning has consumed dozens of homes in the Corral Canyon area of Malibu. Winds should abate by this afternoon but until then fire crews are helpless against the 70 MPH winds.The State had deployed hundreds of firefighters in Southern California in anticipation of the […]

Ojo Peak Fire, New Mexico Burns In November?

The never ending fire season continues. This one is as odd as the New Jersey fire that burned last spring.Read about the Ojo Peak Fire here.

Drought and Fire, Atlanta In Spotlight

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Tom Engelhardt of pens a sobering piece on the worldwide drought situation and asks questions no one else cares to. What happens when Atlanta runs out of water? Tom points to towns in North Carolina and Tennessee that already have. The larger point he makes is what happens if the taps run dry and […]

Short News Shots, Australia and China

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From China we read a Yahoo! News report that fire officials are demanding sexual favors as bribes.How does that work? From Australia Bushfire Monitor we read about mega sized wildfires burning in the Outback.

Mark Cuban; Redact This!

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On Firefighter Blog I occasionally drift into commentary. The tag line under the blog title says so. It doesn’t say what kind of commentary. No wildfires are burning so the blog went on hiatus for a couple of weeks but I’m still here and I have a comment. I’m no fan of Mark Cuban, readers […]