Southern California Fires Updates

Date Time News and Notes
10/23 1525 Update Rosa; the fire has burned 350 acres and is 70 percent contained. The fire has threatened 175 residence.
10/23 1520 Update Ranch; The fire has burned 54,518 acres and is 10% contained. Numerous residential structures are threatened by the fire.
10/23 1515 Update Canyon; The fire has burned 4,400 acres and is 15% contained. Numerous residential and commercial structures are threatened by fire.
10/23 1515 Update Magic; The fire has burned 1,500 acres and is 40% contained. The fire is threatening 900 residence and 50 outbuildings. Continued Red Flag conditions.
10/23 1500 Update Buckweed; The fire has burned 37,812 acres and is 27% contained. The fire is threatening 55,000 residence, 3 residence are damaged and 15 destroyed. The fire has threatened 300 commercial properties and 100 outbuildings. 17 outbuildings were destroyed. High winds associated with extreme Santa Ana conditions. Red Flag weather conditions predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours.
10/23 1455 Update Rice; The fire has burned 6,100 acres and is 0% contained. 1 injury has been reported. 2,500 residence have been threatened, 30 damaged and 500 destroyed. Erratic and extreme fire behavior.
10/23 1445 Update Harris; The fire has burned 70,000 acres and is 5% contained. 5 injuries have been reported. 2,000 residence are threatened, 250 are damaged and 200 destroyed. Extreme fire behavior due to weather conditions. Fire is threatening to establish in the Otay River drainage and burn through Chula Vista.
10/23 1445 Update Cajon; The fire has burned 250 acres and is 50% contained. No injuries are reported to date. No structures are threatened. Steep rugged terrain and high winds.
10/23 1430 Update Poomacha;(CA-MVU-10643) The fire has burned 1,000 acres and is 0% contained. Injuries reported to date are 8. Structures that are threatened are 2,000. Extreme fire behavior, hi wind, low humidity.
10/23 1425 Update Ammo Fire;(CA-MCP-001111) The fire has burned 350 acres and is 16% contained. No injuries have been reported. 50 structures are threatened.
10/23 1415 Update Witch Fire; The fire has burned 164,000 acres and is 1% contained. There have been 7 injuries to date.
10/22 1800 Sedgewick Fire; is 100% contained at 710 acres.
10/22 1800 Coronado Hills Fire; is 100% contained at 300+ acres.
10/22 1400 Coronado Hills Fire; 300+ acres, multiple structures lost in Discover Hills, San Marcos. The fire is heading to Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove.
10/22 1400 Harris Fire; 20,000 acres, the aircraft are grounded at this time due to winds. Southwest power line is off.
10/22 1345 Rice Fire; 300+ acres, the fire has jumped I-15 and aHwy 395. It is burning into Fallbrook, 1 structure has burned.
10/22 1345 Witch Fire; 10,000 acres, structures lost in Poway, Rancho Bernardo, the fire is heading to Carmel Mountain Ranch 4-S Ranch. There are 20 civilian injuries, casualties are probable.
10/22 1330 Valley/Slide Fire; The Green Valley and Slide fires are being managed as one fire. The fire has burned 600+ ac. No injuries, structures have been destroyed in the Community of Arrowhead, and some structures have been destroyed in Green Valley Lake. All roads going to the mountain communities are closed. Evacuations are in place for Arrow Bear, Arrowhead, Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, Twin Peaks.
10/22 0930 Buckweed Fire; 30,000 acres, 3,800 structures threatened in Santa Clarita Area, 25 structures lost, Fire burning towards Magic Mountain, 3 civilian injuries, (1 major, 2 Minor). 1 minor firefighter injury . winds increasing through canyons.
10/22 0930 Santiago Fire; 8,800 ac. 30% contained, 1 structure destroyed, 2 structures damaged, Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch threatened, Unified Command with City of Orange.
10/22 0930 Ranch Fire; 29,000 acres, multiple structures lost, evac in communities of Halsey, Oak Canyon, Val Verde, and Piru, The fire may burn across Hwy 126.

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