Buckweed Fire Burning in Canyon Country

This looks like the monster incident of this season’s Santa Ana Wind fueled fires so far. The Buckweed Fire began in Agua Dulce, north of Santa Clarita.

The fire has already burned 10,000 acres and early reports indicate 3,800 homes are threatened.

This one has ugly written all over it. This one could burn to Interstate 5 by morning.

Streaming video of the incident via MyFoxLA.com.

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From Santa-Clarita.com

October 21st – 5:45 p.m Update
Buckweed Fire Update:
A total of 10 structures have been lost at this time due to the fire;
A total of more than 10,000 acres have burned thus far;
MANDATORY evacuations of upper Bouquet Canyon and Vasquez Canyon have been announced, as well as the San Francisquito Canyon and Copperhill areas, up to Spunky Canyon.
A total of 3,800 residences are threatened as a result of the fire and further evacuations may be announced this evening;
Animal evacuations are being coordinated by the L.A. County Sheriff and Animal Control.
Only residents are being allowed into the evacuation areas;
Both the Saugus Union School District and the Castaic School District have announced that there will be no school tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 22, 2007.
The following road closures are in affect:
Sierra Highway and David Way
Bouquet Canyon and David Way
Bouquet and Vasquez Canyon
Aqua Dulce and Sierra Highway
Sierra Highway and Vasquez Canyon
Whites Canyon and Steinway


  • Terrie says:

    SD, To write the firefighters who were up at Bouquet Cyn.: I have very limited information but here is what I do have. CAPT. MIKE ANTONELLIENGINE 10 STATION 10CSANTA CLARA CITY FIRE DEPT.5111 STARS AND STRIPES DR.SANTA CLARA,CA 95054 408-615-4900 I also have Santa Clara Engine 3, and Gilroy Engine 61. I don’t have those address but you may be able to find them online.

  • Mike says:

    Message to commenter/reader Terrie.Thank you for the compliment. I think I found your email.Mine is Mikeswebmail@gmail.com

  • Terrie Milligan says:

    SDSali,We are the new owners of cavi at The Big Oaks Lodge. I know that there were trucks from Santa Clara and Gilroy. I also know that the Correction Department had units up there. I don’t know the truck numbers but will try to zoom in on some of my pictures to see if I can find them.The Forest Service firefighters did not protect structures. We know for a fact that they told people there that they were Federal and could not fight fires in structures and stood there and watched the fire burn two cabins.Heads up on the powerline situation. That should really be a big concern for everyone. When those things cross the reservoir, the water dropping aircraft won’t be able to get water. See http://www.cavibigoaks.com for more information. I’m glad you’re safe and your prayers were answered.Terrie Milligan

  • sdsali says:

    My cabin in Bouquet Canyon was saved for which I am very grateful. I am looking for the names and locations of the engine companies and helicopter pilots who saved it so I can send a big thank you personally to them.

  • Terrie says:

    We have some good photos of the fire and firefighters on Bouquet Canyon Rd. at the Big Oaks Lodge.Come see!http://www.cavibigoaks.com

  • HotPluto says:

    I’m also a retired FF in the Valencia area of Santa Clarita. A good tip for homeowners in effected areas that own the more fire resistive homes; CLOSE YOUR GARAGE DOORS WHEN YOU ARE PACKING UP AND GETTING READY TO EVACTUATE!Things may get bad in your area but the likelyhood of these more modern homes going up in flames is pretty low unless you have direct flame impingement or YOU LEAVE YOUR GARAGE DOOR OPEN. Remember brands or embers can fly into your garage…lie in combustibles…and later ignite. This is how you could lose your home.Brett-www.emergilink.com

  • The1Opinion says:

    All the best to those being affected. Check out some California fire pictures:http://the1opinion.blogspot.com/2007/10/pictures-of-california-fires-witch-fire.html

  • Anonymous says:

    What area off Copperhill is being evacuated? I’m near Copperhill and Haskell Canyon, am I affected?