"Al Gore or Al Qaeda"

“…. and I don’t like either one”!

This is a quote I heard on the Big Bear scanner, by one of the air attack guys flying over Lake Arrowhead.

The pilot was commenting on the view he had overlooking the Southland and how these fires are sprouting all over.

For a moment we may want to think about that quote.

Many of these fires are obvious arson related. The Santiago Canyon Fire in Orange County is confirmed arson and before it’s over I believe they will find the Slide Fire was a set as well. Overhead views of the fire origin shows al remote location upwind from the Green Valley community.
A new fire in Stevenson Ranch (Magic Fire) is a roadside set. The Devore Fire was set with an intent to see it move up and into Lytle Creek.
A fire without a lot of media attention is the Rainbow Fire taking out homes in Fallbrook.

It’s obvious many of these fires are sets and sleeper cells, working with little to no smarts could work this out.

Something to consider.

As for the global warming argument, extended drought is not unknown to Southern California. The Santa Ana winds are an annual Fall event.

Take a look at the partial list of current fires here.
Read about the San Diego tragedy here.

Update; This blog was picked up by Newsweek.com


  • Anonymous says:

    These big fires, arson or not, have been a feature of growing concern for California and the whole Southwest. I think the pilot was just expressing an opinion, and not necessarily an informed one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Warming Climate Fuels Mega-Fireshttp://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/10/18/60minutes/main3380176.shtmlhttp://scrippsnews.ucsd.edu/Releases/?releaseID=739