NorthTree Fire Maps The Moonlight Fire

The map below was constructed by NorthTree Fire.
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NorthTree Fire is a private mapping outfit that contracts for fires and other large-scale events.
To access their works you have to download Google Earth. NorthTree is clearly the leader in fire mapping and you can see why by the image above.


  • Anonymous says:

    To all the firefighters who put yourself on the line…you are angels on earth cleaning up the mess of selfish people who don’t care what the cost of their idiocy.

  • Michelle says:

    Well over 60,000 acres burned now.My family drove right through there around the time that the fire started. We were coming back from Reno to Redding and decided to take the scenic route through Red Bluff instead of Shingletown.I continue to keep both local citizens and firefighters in my thoughts and pray for their safety.

  • Ancient Clown says:

    Blessings:Firefighters are among the only men in uniform I have respect for.Be forewarned this age shall be a “Trial by Fire”.Be ‘Not Afraid’.your humble servant,ancient clown