Moonlight Fire Day 7, 52,000 Acres To Date

Estimated Fire Area
(Map from Inciweb)

Moonlight Fire command is predicting troubling N/E winds today and into Monday. While the fire has only grown by 2,000 acres in the last 24 hours according to
Inciweb the chance for a significant increase in acreage should be expected with this wind change.

Here is unedited text from the Incident 209 this morning;

Major problems and concerns (control problems, social/political/economic concerns or impacts, etc.) Relate critical resources needs identified above to the Incident Action Plan.

Steep, rocky terrain, heavy fuel loading, long range spotting, erratic high winds, extremely low live and dead fuel moisture levels all are contributing to extreme fire behavior. An East wind event is predicted for Sunday. Open abandoned mine shafts and associated hazardous materials, are a safety concern that is constantly being addressed. Heavy smoke limits visibility.

Significant events today (closures, evacuations, significant progress made, etc.):

Evacuation orders remain in effect in the North Arm of the Indian Valley and for small, isolated parcels to the East, including Taylor Lake, Wilcox Valley, and Franks Valley. Precautionary alerts have been delivered to residents of Taylorsville, Genesee Valley, and North Valley Road to Pecks Valley in Greenville. A Forest closure is in place to ensure safety in the vicinity of the fire.


Injuries are up too. 10 firefighters have been injured to date on the Moonlight Fire, the extent of injuries are not available. (the right people haven’t asked) Old media would be granted that information if they wanted it. Bloggers don’t count enough YET to get that info.

Moonlight Fire command has been consistent in requesting dozer supervisors. They have been making this call from the first day of the fire.
As the wind changes today everyone associated with this fire will be tested.
Be safe guys!

Post Update (2 pm): postings on this thread of deteriorating conditions on the Moonlight Fire.


  • zmom says:

    Thank you!!!! To all the firefighters up here working on this nightmare. How brave you all are. I can see from my home in Westwood how hard the conditions are for you to get a handle on this. Words can not express the gratitude my family and friends have for you. Stay Safe

  • Cherlyn says:

    Random comment, I suppose, but you guys are heroes. I have grown up in the law enforcement family and you all make me so very proud.

  • Mike says:

    Lin, maybe they moved to the North and East sides of the fire, don’t know really.Northtree, I just now posted an updated fire map from your Google Maps KML work. Great stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    updated google earth overlays and google maps showing 9/9 IR for moonlight NTFI-GIS

  • Lin says:

    In view of the current instability and non-containment. Why were the Red Cross evac centers at the high schools in Quincy & Greenville closed.